Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Gift Tags

Tomorrow, my office is holding an auction as a fundraiser for sustainability.  They asked for handmade and homemade items.  I decided this is the perfect opportunity to use up some of my supplies.  I made Christmas gift tags and a box to hold them in.  It has 4 tags in 4 designs.  In a few moments I'll start working on 4 gift card holders that I, also, committed to making for the auction.  I'll have to post those another day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Swirly Hello

Isn't this a happy card?! I made it to send my sister, Anna, to thank her for her New Year's visit.

She and Trey drove to VA and stayed with us for a few days. She was there for New Year's Eve, but I didn't see her at midnight. She went to bed before 30 minutes before 12! So, I rang in the New Year with Trey, Little Anna, and the pets. We had a fun time and celebrated with party hats and sipped sparkling grape juice.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mauro!

I think it's difficult to come up with masculine cards. So many of my stamps are feminine looking. I guess that's just my taste. Some of the stamps can be gender nuetral, but it's an out of the box thinking that you have to use to make them work for a guy. I mean really, will he appreciate glitter, hand spiraled flowers and bows? I don't think so. But maybe he will. But truly, I think it's more about the about the colors that you use that determines it's perfect audience. So, in this case, I turned to my handy dandy, full of bookmarked pages, items circled, drooled over Stampin' Up catalog. I found this card in there, but it was with different colors and images. I knew I could make it work. I chose these dude-like colors and my masterpiece was on it's way.

I actually planned ahead, instead of procrastinating and made my big brother's birthday card a month ahead of time. It felt so good to not have to worry about it, but I still can't make my brain understand that procrastination is not positive. His birthday was this past Thursday, Feb 9th and the card made it there on time. Woohoo!

Happy Birthday, Mauro!

(I tilted the camera towards the card, so you could see the dimension in the semi circle pendants.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gonzo Flys Again!

Okay, have you seen The Muppet Movie? The new one? I have seen it TWICE! I LOVE it! It's hilarious, awesome, funny, entertaining, silly, has a fun story, tons of great songs, and makes you smile. It's fantastic! And I'm totally going to purchase it when it comes out on DVD.

I went with my friend, Karyl, to see the movie the first time. When I walked up to the window after her to pay, the lady said she had already paid for my ticket. How nice! So, I wanted to make her a card to say thank you. Believe it or not, I had a Jolee's Gonzo sticker set in my stash. I think I bought it 4 or 5 years ago, seriously! I just had to have it, but didn't know what I would do with it. (I also got the Fozzie the Bear set too.) And the perfect time arrived. Isn't it awesome?? Even on the inside, I put one of his little chickens. The sentiment is one that you've seen before and I knew she would get a kick out of that.

She loved the card! :) And that always makes me happy!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pedro and Boxer

This is a card that I sent to Sophia and Cohen awhile back. They came to visit me in Virginia and we had such a great time! I wanted to send them a hello and a thank you for visiting card and this is what I came up with. The cats on the card are made of punches and I got the idea from another blog. There are lots of talented people out there they think of great ideas and then share them with on the web. Thank you to all of them for sharing!

Sophia and Cohen really like Pedro and Boxer. I think Pedro liked them too. Boxer on the other hand was more of a distant observer, I mean sleeper. He tried to stay out of their way. Pedro was very friendly and curious as usual, so he spent a lot of time getting petted, chased, talked to, and played with. Towards the end of the week, Pedro was pooped out! But the cutest part of it all is when Cohen says "Meow" and crawls around like a cat and Sophia talks to him like he's her pet cat. Those kids are SOOOO cute!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Time Is It?

My friend, Alex asked me to make a special card for her boyfriend's birthday. She is getting him a watch, which is something she swore she'd never get him. (She is breaking her adopted wives tale of "don't give a watch or a clock as a present because the time of your
relationship with that person will not be long".) I think they'll be just fine, now he'll think of her more often as he looks at nice new watch. :)

So, we talked about a clock being on the card and here's what I came up with. It was important to her to have the hands at 10 and 2, not because he's a bad driver, but because she pointed out it makes a smile. Cute, huh! To be honest, I'm a little nervous and hope she likes it. I'm nervous, because she is an interior designer with great taste and high standards (or as my co-workers like to tease her and call her a 'decorator') and I hope my paper creation can meet her expectations.

Just in case the color comes across weird on the computer, I used Basic Gray, Lucky Limeade, and Basic Black.