Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tooled Leather

Well, that's what Sissy (my sister Anna) says this looks like. And I agree. It really does look like tooled leather, doesn't it? Actually, it's just good ol' cardstock. I took an inkpad (Moonlight - Brilliance) that is opaque and whiteish and shiney. I rubbed it one side of the texture folder (the side that you would fold down on the top of the paper) and ran it through the trusty BigShot. And this beautiful Island Indigo cardstock turned into this embossed leather looking background. Didn't it turn out nice? I also love the shape of the punch out/message in the middle. Yes, folks, I made up this card all by myself. AND I stand proud. Didn't it turn out pretty? This is a card that you could put any sentiment on.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flocking Monkeys!

How cute and fun is this card?! Wouldn't it make your birthday if you got it? This card was made by Anna (my sister) for our card sale. This is one of the ones that sold too! :) She used the Sock Monkey set from Stampin' Up! and then put a birthday hat on each of the monkeys. She used flock on the monkeys and the hats, so if you touch them they feel fuzzy like velvet. These little flocked monkeys are so cute and even cuter in person! Check out the three little bows, didn't that add the right touch and balance the card?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Versions of the Same Card

These are 2 of the cards that I made for the now infamous sale. I really love this stamp set and it is one of the first stamp sets that I ever bought. I used the same technique, swapped a color, and moved around the greeting to make these a little different. I've found that making more than one card of the same general design and stamp set is much quicker. For the sale I made several of the same card of many, but would change up the greeting or image.

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Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello! It's been awhile, but this should be the first in a session of many, many blog posts of new cards. This was a card that I made for a sale that Anna (my sister) and I did -- more on that below this card. This is a favorite for many reasons, can you guess? Purple - check! Circles - check! Fun Hello stamp - check! Texture - check! Bling - check! :D Isn't is fun?!

So, more about this card sale. Well, Anna's work was having a fund raiser and to raise money they sold spaces to have a flea market/yard sale at one of their building's parking lots in Kernersville. It was a great location, at an intersection of a busy main road. We thought we'd do well. We had dreams, aspirations, expectations. So, how did they pan out?

Well, we decided to make 200 cards to sale and we actually made 129. (I'd say being at over 60% of goal, that's pretty good!) Less supply equals higher demand anyways, right?! Anna had an awesome tent to shelter us from the sun, but it ended up sheltering us from the rain. It did not, however, keep away the wind that kept blowing everything around. (Thank goodness Anna found these nifty plastic boxes to organize, store and display our cards in.) It was also cold. Very strange, because the days before were hot September days as usual. About 10 cars and one moped came by the sale. Some of the people got out of their cars and walked by. Some of them stayed in their cars and drove by slow and creepy like. They could do this because all the vendors were set up on the edges of the parking lot and the center was wide open. There was even a guy on a moped. Zoom, zoom! All in all, the turn out was low because of weather and a competing festival downtown. We sold 3 cards to the girl set up in the booth next to us. Some other cards to Stephanie, Anna's friend, that had a booth beside her. I bartered 4 cards for a little bag from a girl at the Thirtyone booth and 4 cards to another girl for a bag she had at her yard sale booth. We may have left with less money than we brought, because Anna bought a few things from other vendors. That's the kind of day it was, we vendors supported each other. :)

Here's a picture of our booth and my awesome sister, Anna. We had the cards sorted by type in the boxes and they had dividers indicating the type (birthday, holiday, etc). Then we had the 2 window shutters. We put some string on them and hung up a few cards for display. Isn't that fun?! Those were the things that the wind kept catching. We'll add feet to those next time.

Although financially it wasn't lucrative, Anna and I learned a lot. We enjoyed having our cards on display and received many kind compliments. We liked our booth set up. We had fun with each other through the process. It was a ton of work to meet the deadline to make a certain number of cards. Maybe it was a little too much pressure (for those of us that don't like pressure at all!). All-in-all, I think we would do it again. (Maybe, because we already have over 100 cards to put towards our next goal. haha)