Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Machine - Giant Snapping Turtles

This is another card that was in Nana's pile that she had saved. This was made last year/pre-blog. I made it for Senior (Clarence's dad) for his birthday last year or was it Father's Day?! Hmm, I didn't open it back up to see. I did "snap" this shot of it, though.

This card was inspired by a true life event. *The names and likenesses described in this story are true.
We were visiting The Seniors (Clarence's mom and dad) and we were sitting in the living room at their house. They live in Washington, NC, and their house sits nestled in trees on 3 sides. But these aren't any trees, these are swamp trees. Yep! They have swamps around them. It's all lush and thick and full of critters (and snakes). Yep, snakes! But this is not a snake story. Luckily, I've never seen a snake there, but I've heard lots of stories that they are plentiful. This is a turtle story. So, as we were in the living room we were talking about trees and bushes, and Nana or Grandaddy said one of their favorite trees was out the back window. (I can't remember which kind. Sorry.) So, I looked out the window and BEHOLD! there was the biggest snapping turtle I have ever seen in my life or in a book. Right There! It looked like a yard ornament and it startled me. With excitement I was telling everyone to look at it. At first they thought I was joking, but I wasn't. It was HUGE! Like 6 year olds we grabbed sticks and poles to protect ourselves and went out side to get a look at this prehistoric creature. I bet it was 100 years old. He was all wrinkley and mean looking with his hooked nose and talons. The guy really needed a pedicure. His claws were huge. I would say his shell was 2 feet long and I am not kidding. He was HUGE!

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